Discover the Sensual Secrets of the Kamasutra Tarot

Discover the Sensual Secrets of the Kamasutra Tarot for a Mind-Blowing Journey of Passion and Intimacy

Embarking on a journey of passion and intimacy can be an exciting and transformative experience. One unique way to explore this path is through the Kamasutra Tarot. This article will answer common reader questions about this intriguing and sensual tool, providing valuable insights and practical examples.

What is the Kamasutra Tarot?

The Kamasutra Tarot is a deck of cards that combines the ancient wisdom of the Kamasutra, a guide to physical love and intimacy, with the mystical art of tarot reading. Each card in the deck represents a different aspect of love, passion, and intimacy, providing guidance and insight into your romantic and sexual relationships.

How Does the Kamasutra Tarot Work?

Like any tarot deck, the Kamasutra Tarot works by drawing cards and interpreting their meanings. However, this deck is unique in that it focuses specifically on the sensual and intimate aspects of life. Each card corresponds to a specific position or concept from the Kamasutra, providing a unique perspective on your relationships and desires.

What Can I Learn from the Kamasutra Tarot?

The Kamasutra Tarot can provide a wealth of insights into your romantic and sexual life. Here are just a few examples:

  • Understanding your desires: The cards can help you explore and understand your own desires, helping you to communicate them more effectively to your partner.
  • Improving your relationships: The cards can provide guidance on how to improve your relationships, whether by increasing intimacy, resolving conflicts, or exploring new experiences.
  • Exploring new experiences: The cards can inspire you to try new things, whether in the bedroom or in your relationship as a whole.

How Can I Use the Kamasutra Tarot?

There are many ways to use the Kamasutra Tarot, depending on your goals and comfort level. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Single-card readings: Draw a single card each day for guidance and inspiration.
  • Three-card readings: Draw three cards to represent the past, present, and future of your relationship.
  • Full spread readings: Use a traditional tarot spread, such as the Celtic Cross, to gain a deeper understanding of your relationship.

Is the Kamasutra Tarot Right for Me?

The Kamasutra Tarot is a powerful tool for exploring passion and intimacy, but it’s not for everyone. It’s important to approach the deck with an open mind and a willingness to explore your desires and relationships. If you’re uncomfortable with explicit sexual imagery or discussions of sexuality, this deck may not be the right choice for you.


The Kamasutra Tarot is a unique and powerful tool for exploring the sensual aspects of life. Whether you’re looking to deepen your relationship, explore your desires, or simply add a little spice to your love life, this deck can provide valuable insights and guidance. Remember, the journey of passion and intimacy is a personal one, and the Kamasutra Tarot is just one of many tools you can use to navigate it.

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