Uncover the Secret to Scoring Complimentary Goodies on Amazon with These Proven Methods!

Uncover the Secret to Scoring Complimentary Goodies on Amazon with These Proven Methods!

Amazon, the world’s largest online marketplace, is a treasure trove of products. From books to electronics, clothing to kitchenware, there’s something for everyone. But did you know that you can get many of these items for free? Yes, you read that right! This article will guide you on how to get free stuff on Amazon using proven methods. So, let’s dive in and uncover these secrets.

Why Does Amazon Give Away Free Stuff?

Before we delve into the methods, it’s essential to understand why Amazon gives away free stuff. The primary reason is to encourage customer reviews. Positive reviews can significantly boost a product’s sales, while negative ones can help the seller improve their product. Additionally, giving away free products can help increase brand visibility and customer loyalty.

How to Get Free Stuff on Amazon: Proven Methods

Now that we understand why Amazon gives away free stuff, let’s explore the various methods you can use to score these complimentary goodies.

1. Join Amazon Review Sites

Amazon review sites are platforms where sellers give away free or discounted products in exchange for honest reviews. Examples of such sites include Vipon, Snagshout, and Jump Send. To get started, you need to sign up, choose a product, purchase it, and then write a review after testing it. Once your review is approved, you get a full or partial refund.

2. Become an Amazon Vine Reviewer

Amazon Vine is an invitation-only program where Amazon invites trusted reviewers to post opinions about new and pre-release items. The products are free, and all you need to do is write a detailed review. The more helpful your reviews are, the higher your chances of getting invited to the program.

3. Take Advantage of Amazon Giveaways

Amazon Giveaways is a program where sellers set up sweepstakes for their products. To participate, you need to follow the seller’s instructions, which may involve watching a short video or answering a trivia question. Winners are chosen randomly, and the prizes are shipped directly to them.

4. Use Amazon’s Trade-In Program

With Amazon’s Trade-In program, you can exchange your old items for Amazon gift cards. The program accepts items such as electronics, books, video games, and more. Once your item is accepted, you receive a gift card that you can use to purchase any product on Amazon.

Case Study: Success with Amazon Review Sites

Let’s look at a case study to illustrate how effective these methods can be. Jane, a regular Amazon shopper, signed up for Vipon and started reviewing products. Within a month, she had received over $200 worth of free products, including a high-end blender and a set of premium headphones. This example shows that with a little effort, you can score some fantastic freebies on Amazon.


Learning how to get free stuff on Amazon is not only fun but also rewarding. Whether you’re a frequent shopper or just looking for ways to save money, these methods can help you score some great deals. Remember, the key is to provide honest and detailed reviews. So why wait? Start exploring these methods today and uncover the secret to scoring complimentary goodies on Amazon!

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